A Socially  Responsible, Recreational Golf Club

Challenging National Events

Congratulations to Harold Baines, Northern Virginia Pro-Duffer for being selected to the MLB Hall of Fame! Great Accomplishment!!!!!

Outstanding Local Venues

2019 "Spring Fling" Registered Golfers


Gregory Favors

Lamar Florazel

John Hannor

James Holmes

James Jackson

Bobby Jordan

Wilbur Leaphart

Dana Lloyd

Johnny Lonny

Robert Manley

Alfred McWilliams

Timothy Moone

Melvin Smith

George Trammell


Columbia S.C.

Valentino Pickney


Mark Cooks

Eddie Mayberry

Keith Robinson


Gregory Barksdale

Brian Cureton

Glen Dobson

Louis Hampton

Curtis Hills

Michael Holland

Trent Lyons

Arnold Young


Edric Barnes

William Smith

Greenville, MS


Little Rock

Jodie Carter

Cornell Williams

Paul Williams


Kelvin Massey

John Payne

William Terrell

Charlie Wherry

Richard Whitney

Southern Michigan

Lawrence Green

Gregory Hughey

James Moorer

Northern Virginia (NOVA)

Tyrone Bradley

Derick Daly

Greg Estep

Wilbert Fields

James Gallon

Alvin Gillem

Gregory Green

Eric High

Terrie Johnson

Darren Jones

Isaiah Lawson

Jim Matthews

James Moore

Paul Patton

Charlie Pelham

Alcindor Rosier

Anthony Rush

C.D. Smith

Maynard Smith

Vic Thornton

Ted Williams

Robert Willis



Washington, D.C.

Pedro Alfonso

Courtland Cox

Robert Day

Robert Dibble

Gary Harris

William Lightfoot

John Malachi

Jim Martin

Gregory Pickett

William Powell

Joseph Quash

Ken Rogers

Clyde Rowe

Charles Sanders

Adrian Washington

Clifton (Skeeter) West


Will Griffin

Joe Lloyd

Ruby Massey

John Patton

Cora Williams

The Premier Recreational Golf Club of Northern Virginia

We support two national events each year played at some of the countries best golf venues. These events are sanctioned by the national headquarters of Pro-Duffers USA Inc and hosted by one of our 16 chapters .

Northern Virginia (NOVA) Pro-Duffers is a local chapter of Pro-Duffers USA Inc.  We enjoy the game of golf and use it to support local charitable causes. We have approximately 10 local events each season,